Technical leadership: Approachable, Fearless, and Fair

Technical leadership: Approachable, Fearless, and Fair Written by Ines El Hamri Véronne Reinders is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Aristotle Technologies, an award-winning ...

Dual task training for fall-prevention, whats known?

Dual task training for fall-prevention, whats known? A seemingly simple fall in eldery, is not as simple as we might think. The length of admission ...

Combination Training, Twice As Good?

Combination Training, Twice As Good? With our cognitive training software, it is possible to train in a dual-task manner. But what does this, “combination or ...

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Learning disorders can have a big impact on a child’s development and participation in today’s world. In our previous article, we saw that ...

Working Memory Training in Children

Working Memory Training in Children Could children benefit from working memory training? And even more interesting, could children with a delay in cognitive development benefit ...

Will cognitive training prevent, delay or cure dementia?

Will cognitive training prevent, delay or cure dementia? This question keeps neurologists and other professionals busy these days. Dementia is described as: “the loss of ...

What a professional athlete sees

What a Professional Athlete Sees A time ago we came across this video of Cristiano Ronaldo, put on youtube by “Ergoneers”. It might not be ...

Reaction time: What is it and which factors are involved?

Reaction time: What is it and which factors are involved? Reaction time is an important component in cognitive psychology. Reaction time in a nutshell, in ...

Decision-making under stress

Decision-making under stress We already looked at the domains of information processing, cognitive load, and the effect of cognitive fatigue on performance. Stress is a ...

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Marcello Sala

  • Business Innovation Manager & Content Manager
  • Current Study: MSc Innovation Management – TU/e

During recent years, I became more aware that a vast majority of technological advancements are not put to their full use in the current society. Some reasons for this are the fear of change that a lot of people experience, the lack of knowledge and awareness of the newest applications and because the existing infrastructure cannot keep up with the speed of technological innovation. Therefore, my goal is to inform people about the newest possibilities of the technology of this time and the added value these advancements can have to their daily life by making seemingly complicated technologies easy to use and understand for everyone. This is also why I decided to join Aristotle. I believe that there is still a lot of ground to cover in cognitive training and that we as Aristotle can make a difference.

Dirk Aarts

  • UX/UI Manager & Assistant Software Developer
  • Current Study: MSc Human-Technology Interaction – TU/e

I have a background in Automotive Engineering at Fontys and after completing the pre-master at the start of last year, I started the master. Due to the current global pandemic, the international semester had been cancelled. As an alternative, I knew I wanted to do something pro-active and work on a practical project instead of following more theoretical courses, and the TU/e Innovation Space project could offer just that. At Aristotle I can apply and broaden my knowledge of cognition, combined with a diverse multidisciplinary team there is a lot for me to learn! Together with Aristotle, I believe we can explore and create effective cognitive training tools and lift athletes to the next level both personally and professionally.

Antonios Mantzaris

  • Data Scientist & Software Developer
  • Current Study: MSc Data Science – EIT Digital Master School

I have the luck to study in two of the top universities in Europe, TU/e in Eindhoven and KTH in Stockholm and also get a minor in Entrepreneurship besides the Data Science track. I would describe myself as analytical, organizing and pragmatic. I joined Aristotle to get out of my comfort zone, develop my personal skills in social and technical aspects but also implement my knowledge attained from my studies so far in a real-life problem, in realistic conditions. I believe we can really make an impact with innovative ideas and tools but also highlight the advantages of cognitive training in football or in general.