Aristotle Cognitive Training was one of the finalists of the TU/e Contest 2021. In this contest, multiple teams from the Eindhoven Technical University compete in the categories ideation, prototyping, and student teams. We competed in the category ideation. Based on numerous documents and the one-minute elevator pitch we won the TWICE talent award and the audience award thanks to the votes from all the people that believe in us. The TU/e Contest is only the beginning of the journey to build a culture of support, challenge, and engagement in all teams! Of course, we are proud to have won the awards, but more importantly, it validates the market’s needs, our mission, and the team’s efforts and skills. We are happy to be back focussing on our on-going development, strengthening our team, and improving the integration of our products/services in the markets. 

Go and check out our experience during the TU/e contest finales in the video below or watch the entire finale on YouTube.


That excellent result considering the available time, the complexity of the task, and the quality of the feasibly offered solution were achieved thanks to the entire team’s commitment and responsibility. The team Aristotle’s profound commitment could be seen from the attitude of not accepting anything “half-done” and accomplishing tasks with high quality. If they ever didn’t know something, they would be organized and mobilized as a team to find the answers and solutions, even when it required extra efforts and work. Due to their energy, knowledge, and willingness, members of the Aristotle team were always ready to help one another and anyone members of other teams who needed assistance. Thanks to their complementary expertise, Aristotle was always ready to take the initiative and managed to address their challenge and create a solid business case for the future. They are used to working both as team members and on their own initiative, prioritizing work effectively, enabling them to meet tight deadlines. Their way of communicating and cooperating among themselves and challenge owners present respect and transparency, fundamental capacities for building a community of collaborators, and opportunities around them.

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