Marcello Sala

Marcello Sala


About me

I am one of the co-founders and the COO of Aristotle Technologies, which means that I am responsible for the daily operations within our start-up. This specifically applies to the sports department of Aristotle, of which I am in charge. Next to this I also take care of the finances of the company and have an advisory role in the healthcare and education department of Aristotle.

I always envisioned setting up a company at some point in my life, but I did not expect to do it this early in my career. However, the multidisciplinary and complementary team of co-founders, our shared mission and vision, and our radical innovation in the area of cognitive training make me believe that we are ready to develop this promising start-up into a market-leading company in the coming years.

My experience in the field of new product development has taught me that technology is generally not the limiting factor when trying to innovate. This limiting factor is often the conservative mindset of key decision-makers and end-users and this is often the result of a lack of knowledge and awareness of these new innovations. I am dedicated to overcoming this conservative mindset by closely involving these stakeholders in the new product development process by using the approach of customer co-creation within all layers of Aristotle. Because we can only go far, if we go together. And together we will create innovations that will change the world of cognitive training.

Dedicated to overcoming conservative mindsets by closely involving all stakeholders in the new product development process.