Véronne Reinders

Véronne Reinders


About me

As co-founder and CTO of Aristotle Technologies, I am in charge of the whole development department.

It has always been my dream to start my own company. Together with the other founders of Aristotle Technologies, we were lucky enough to find each other and see the future of our company. Adding to this I get to work in a super multidisciplinary team with a lot of different backgrounds and combine my passion for software development, the human brain, sports, and leadership. And one of the most important values of Aristotle Technologies to me is that we do not forget to have fun. We can have a laugh with each other and forget about work for a second.

As a programmer, I might not be the best one out there. However, I have always learned to give it my all. As a strong communicator, planner, and leader, the position of CTO fits me well. With my skill set, I can lead my own team and also add to the development of our software solutions. With an eye for detail, we only deliver work that we are 100% proud of.

I cannot say it enough times, but I am still really lucky and happy that Aristotle Technologies has gone from a university project to a company. To see how fast we are growing and to hear the validation from different experts and companies is amazing. I believe that as Aristotle Technologies we can go really far, as long as we go together.

With an eye for detail, we only deliver work that we are 100% proud of.