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Adaptive Learning Technology for cognitive training

Imagine training that adapts to you, where your progress guides the way. Adaptive Learning Technology (ALT) is an educational approach that leverages real-time data and feedback to continuously assess a student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and pace of progress. Based on this assessment, the technology adjusts the content, difficulty level, and delivery method of learning materials, providing a personalized and optimized learning experience. It goes beyond one-size-fits-all teaching methods by adapting the content, pace, and difficulty of learning materials to match each learner’s unique abilities, preferences, and progress. 

Auditory (enhanced) cognitive tasks

There are many options for using audio in combination with cognitive tasks. We can begin by implementing auditory working memory, a concept widely recognized for remembering and manipulating auditory information, particularly number sequences. However, what if we extend this technique to various other cognitive tasks?

Aristotle Technologies' first virtual coach

We recognize that cognitive abilities can vary depending on one’s emotional state and daily experiences. If a user reports having had a challenging day at work, the virtual coach will adapt the training regimen accordingly. Our aim is to offer a training experience that is not only effective but also considerate of the individual’s well-being. 

Auto-generated cognitive training schedule

Auto-Generated cognitive training Schedules create a unique and dynamic learning experience. By collecting essential data through questions, cognitive assessments, and personal insights, our system constructs a training schedule that is finely tuned to individual needs. It optimizes the selection of training modules, schedules, and learning objectives, all in alignment with the user’s strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. 

Auto-generated cognitive tasks

In our software we have numerous tasks that are developed to target a certain part of one’s cognition. However, we can only think of so many tasks and generations of these tasks. What if we can auto generate a new cognitive task based on previous research, the current tasks and with a bit of help from AI?

Realtime adaptive cognitive tasks

In our current software, we offer a range of cognitive tasks carefully designed to target specific cognitive aspects. These tasks are predetermined when users begin their training, providing a structured experience. However, we’re considering a significant enhancement—adapting cognitive tasks based on a user’s performance during training.

Accessibility of Aristotle Technologies' software

At Aristotle Technologies it is our mission to make cognitive training accessible to everyone and to enhance cognitive skills regardless of their starting position. To realize this mission, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and making our software universally accessible. This means developing tailored solutions for individuals with diverse needs, such as providing auditory cognitive training for the visually impaired and implementing neurotrackers to enable interaction for those with locked-in syndrome. 

Integration of biofeedback

Exploring the integration of data from sources like smartwatches, heart rate chest straps, neurotrackers, and similar devices could provide us with invaluable insights into the well-being of our users and their responses during cognitive tasks. However, the key questions that arise are whether we possess the capability to effectively read and analyze this data and whether the results would indeed be a significant addition to our software. 

Brainwaves as input method

Currently, we’re looking into various ways to control how you interact with cognitive exercises. You can use your keyboard, a controller, or even an arcade controller. However, at Aristotle Technologies we enhance your cognitive skills through a method called dual-task training. This means that alongside cognitive exercises, our users also engage in physical tasks. To accommodate a wide range of physical activities, we’re in need of a hands-free controller. Our next frontier? Exploring the potential of brain wave technology. 

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