Integration of biofeedback

About this opportunity

At Aristotle Technologies, we’re on a mission to transform the way people enhance their cognitive skills. We’re known for our personalized and data-driven cognitive training software. The feedback that we provide after training is one of the things that sets us apart from other cognitive training tools. We provide realtime feedback and use this data to optimize the training process of a user. However, our current feedback primarily relies on quantitative data generated during cognitive training, such as reaction times and accuracy percentages. While this data gives us insights into performance, we believe there’s more to uncover about how users are truly responding. We’re curious to explore the physiological aspect of user reactions. How does a user’s heart rate change when they make a mistake? Can they maintain composure as they become proficient in specific tasks? The answers to these questions may lie in biofeedback data. 

How would this work?

Exploring the integration of data from sources like smartwatches, heart rate chest straps, neurotrackers, and similar devices could provide us with invaluable insights into the well-being of our users and their responses during cognitive tasks. However, the key questions that arise are whether we possess the capability to effectively read and analyze this data and whether the results would indeed be a significant addition to our software. 

Your role

In this project, your role is to experiment with various forms of biofeedback and conduct comprehensive research to understand the unique contributions each application offers. By systematically exploring and evaluating the impact of each form of biofeedback, you will provide valuable insights that can guide the enhancement of our cognitive training software and further our mission to transform cognitive training. 

What we're looking for

We are looking for a forward-thinking student, whether you’re pursuing a master’s or bachelor’s degree. Your fresh ideas and innovative mindset are what we need.  

What's in it for you?

Aristotle Technologies is a dynamic startup, and we’re all ears for new ideas. This means you have the freedom to shape the project beyond this description. Plus, we’re right on the TU/e campus in the Neuron building—how convenient!  

We believe in balancing hard work with good times, whether it’s by organizing some drinks or hanging out at Hubble to end the day. Join us and be part of the exciting future of learning! 

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