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Through validation with clients in the education, physiotherapy, and sports sectors, we have identified significant overlap in terms of pain points and desired outcomes for cognitive training solutions. Our findings have underscored three key challenges:

  1. Insufficient availability of user-friendly and actionable data to provide immediate feedback that aligns with existing workflows.

  2. Excessive reliance on fixed training frequencies without adequate follow-up or personalized alternatives.

  3. Limited options for tailored dual-task training to cater to users' specific needs.

In collaboration with our partners, we employ segment-specific adaptations of our technology to extensively address end-users' perception, processing, and execution skills. As a result, our value proposition distinguishes itself as the most comprehensive in the market. 


Work on children's (ages 6-12) cognitive learning and development within their world of experiences.


Train the brain and the body to work together to enhance daily functioning.


Immerse players in an environment where conquering information overload becomes second nature.

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