Winners "Sports Performance & Health" Innovation Challenge


Aristotle Cognitive Technologies has won the "Sports Performance & Health" Innovation Challenge held by FC Utrecht NEXT & Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum.

Danique Stappers and Maurits Overmans had the incredible opportunity to pitch our ideas to the jury. This challenge encourages groundbreaking innovations for sustainable enhancements in sports performance. The Pitch not only provided a platform to showcase our vision to a business network but also a chance to win €10,000 for further development within Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum.

FD Talent of 2023


Our CEO, Maurits Overmans, has been recognized as a young talent of 2023 in the Top 50 Under 35 by 'het Financieele Dagblad'. 


We are live!


The first version of our software has officially hit the market. ACT Kinisi (Kinisi means 'movement' in Greek) focuses on applications within physiotherapy and sports. 

We are looking forward to the further development of the software and the official launch of ACT Sofia (Sofia means 'education' in Greek).

mijlpalen live

New brain stimulation technology enhances physical performance


Our CTO, Véronne Reinders, is a guest on NPO Radio 1 - Villa VdB to talk about our software solution. She will discuss how Aristotle Technologies' technology enhances people's physical well-being by challenging their brains.

By challenging our brains, our bodies achieve better performance


Hans van Zon has written an article for 'de Pers Groep' about how our solution is applicable in the fields of education, physiotherapy, and sports.

By challenging our brains, our bodies achieve better performance. This applies not only to elite athletes but also to older adults with balance issues or children with developmental disorders.


Grand final - 4TU Impact Challenge


Our co-founders, Marcello Sala and Maurits Overmans, represented Aristotle Technologies in the 'Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge'. During the finals, they competed against the top (tech) startups from the four Dutch technical universities. The finale took place during the startup event Slush

The full finale, including the pitch of Aristotle Technologies (01:12:15), can be watched on YouTube: The online Grand Finale of the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge 2022 – YouTube

Winner of the Young Talent Award - Gerard & Anton Awards


An award specifically created for our achievement: several supporters nominated us for the Gerard & Anton Awards. As the other companies are already much further along, but the jury still wanted to show their appreciation and praise towards us, the Young Talent Award was introduced. 


Brain training helps athletes better cope with pressure, leading to improved performance


In collaboration with AVROTROS EenVandaag and PSV, a segment was created showcasing how our software is used for brain training to enhance the performance of top athletes.

Winner of the Talent Award TWICE Eindhoven and Audience Award TU/e Contest


Our participation in the TU/e Contest in 2021, following the completion of the TU/e Innovation Space Project, was rewarded with the Talent Award by TWICE Eindhoven and the Audience Award. 

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