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How To Improve Your Cognitive Health

In the past week, we gave you some tips on how to improve your cognitive health. You may think that all the pieces of advice we gave you have been common knowledge for many years, however, the

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Traiectum en Aristotle ondersteunen de cognitieve ontwikkeling van sporters in de regio Utrecht

Om op het juiste niveau te presteren moeten (top)sporters in toenemende mate aandacht besteden aan hun cognitieve ontwikkeling. De talenten van Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum in Utrecht krijgen hierom

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Dual-Task Training in Hockey

Written by Evi van Goor Hockey is a dynamic sport that demands a combination of technical skills, cognitive abilities and physical strength. Successful decision-making is based on the player’s

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Technical leadership: Approachable, Fearless, and Fair

Written by Ines El Hamri Véronne Reinders is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Aristotle Technologies, an award-winning software development startup based in the Brainport Region. Her

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Dual task training for fall-prevention, whats known?

Written by Jesse Muijsenberg A seemingly simple fall in eldery, is not as simple as we might think. The length of admission to the hospital of elderly who fall is long and the mortality in the period

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Combination Training, Twice As Good?

Written by Jesse Muijsenberg In the article “Translating combination training to everyday functioning”. We already talked about combination or dual-task training. We saw how combination training

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Learning Disabilities

Written by Jesse Muijsenberg But first, let us introduce the term learning disorders to you. Because, what is meant by ‘learning disorders’? Following Mayoclinic, a ‘learning disorder’ is a

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Working Memory Training in Children

Written by Jesse Muijsenberg In an earlier article, we already talked about the cognitive load theory. Working memory plays a huge role in this theory. We saw that a trained brain is known to be able

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Will cognitive training prevent, delay or cure dementia?

Written by Jesse Muijsenberg Almost every person knows someone who is dealing with dementia. This could be a family member that is diagnosed with dementia or for example an acquaintance that is

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